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This is a free web service to read and convert the C3D files, there is a probability that I had bugs in my code. Please, let me know to fix it to improve c3dtools.com.
Email : Soroosh.b.k@gmail.com

What can I do in C3Dtools?

  • Lower Body Inverse Kinematic - Plug-in Gait Model NEW
  • Convert C3D file to ASCII and create .TRC and .MOT that is compatible with the Opensim
  • Convert Xsens IMU sensors data to .sto to use in Opensim(Opensens)
  • Detect Gait events based on kinematic data
  • Calculate spatiotemporal gait parameters based on kinematic data
  • Apply Butterworth low-pass and high-pass digital filtering
  • Free C3D files repository
  • Trim C3D file
  • Tutorials: Youtube Channel

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Hi, I am Soroosh
I am interested in motion capture systems and developing motion analysis software. especially, using IMU sensors for motion analysis like gait and running analysis. also, I design and develop IMUs data feature extraction algorithms. I have experience in computer programming to develop desktop applications and web services. I use C# to develop desktop applications and node.js to develop web service backend, also I have experience with python, MATLAB, C++, and Microcontroller programming. Also, I have a lot of experience with several laboratory equipment like Vicon, Qualisys, Motion Analysis, Kistler and Bertec force plate and laboratory setup.
I am trying to learn more about biomechanics, motion capture, and coding. So, in this process I will make some tools that I used in my projects, finally, I will share on C3Dtools. If you have any idea or any problem in c3dtools please let me know.

I am Looking for a job opportunity